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Motorbike & Bicycle Rental Service in Con Dao

Due to the small area, public transportation shared among many people is not common in Con Dao. Local residents mainly use motorbikes for their daily commute, while tourists often rely on tour buses or arrange for private transportation, such as taxis, trams, or rental cars.

If you come to Con Dao and wish to explore this beautiful island on your own, without opting for a package tour, a motorbike is an excellent means of transportation for you. This choice allows you to have control over your time and schedule, enabling you to enjoy the fresh tropical air, free from dust and dirt resulting from industrial production activities, all at a very low cost.

If you are a sports enthusiast, especially a cycling enthusiast, there is no better place for you to indulge in this activity than Con Dao. The low traffic density, favorable weather, fresh air, and excellent road quality are compelling reasons for you to embark on an exciting journey to explore Con Dao by bicycle. You can traverse shaded roads adorned with ancient trees, venture through narrow trails within Con Dao National Park, and even pedal along roads with one side hugging the sea and the other bordered by lush forests. You can even challenge your strength by tackling high slopes. All of these experiences await you when you explore Con Dao by bicycle.

Con Dao Excursions offers tourists motorbike and sports bicycle rental services on Con Dao Island. For a cost of approximately 5 USD per day, you can have your personal vehicle to explore this stunning island.

Furthermore, we also arrange private tours for you and your friends, using the two types of transportation mentioned above.

Discover Con Dao at your own pace, and you will undoubtedly experience a remarkable difference.