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Fishing in Con Dao islands

In the summer in Con Dao, there are frequent flights from Saigon and Hanoi, as well as high-speed ferries from Vung Tau, Can Tho, and Soc Trang, which transport tourists to the clear and pristine beaches known as the ‘Heaven on Earth”

Most visitors to Con Dao typically explore the monuments and enjoy swimming, but few are aware of an intriguing opportunity for diving to witness coral or engaging in fishing in Con Son Bay. The primary reason for this is the relatively high associated costs. Moreover, fishing in Con Dao necessitates a certain skills. Con Dao boasts a highly intricate hydrological system, necessitating the presence of a seasoned boatman to monitor the ‘standing’ tide (not the regular tide changes that would cause fishing lines to drift and not touch the sea floor). The boatman must also be familiar with the fishing points, which are typically coral reefs teeming with various fish species. Additionally, they need to know how to use the appropriate hooks for specific types of fish and prepare suitable fishing bait.

However, if you’ve previously gone fishing in Phu Quoc or Nha Trang, fishing in Con Dao will provide you with a distinct experience. You’ll be surprised by the presence of large fish, or the delight of playing with a well-fed fish as it devours all your bait and then eagerly awaits the next offering. You’ll also experience the thrill of reeling in a big fish, which can last for half an hour if you want to bring them on board. There’s also the excitement of pulling a fish to the water’s surface, only to have it vigorously wriggle free and return to the sea.

Fishing in Con Dao is divided into two types: professional fishing and recreational fishing. Professional fishing is often pursued by individuals who are passionate about fishing. A professional fishing trip can last several days. Drinking water and food are prepared by the ship owner. They spend many days and nights at sea, using live squid as bait. It is not uncommon for such trips to yield hundreds of kilograms of fish. Professional fishing trips require advance preparation; participants need to be equipped with sun-protective clothing, hooks, fishing rods, lead weights, fishing lines, etc.

Recreational fishing is often combined with sightseeing. These trips can last a few hours or a full day, depending on the traveler’s tolerance for sun and waves. Fishing equipment for recreational fishing is usually simple, typically involving plastic fishing rods (although fishing rods are available for those who prefer them) and chopped fresh squid as bait (while professional anglers often use live squid as bait). However, this doesn’t mean you won’t catch quality fish with these simple baits. Amateur fishermen can catch a wide variety of fish species, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the exciting experience of fishing and savoring their catch in a local restaurant.

If you are planning to travel to Con Dao and wish to experience sea fishing, do not hesitate to contact us, whether you are a professional fisherman or an amateur. We will certainly arrange a fantastic fishing experience for you on this beautiful island.